EXCiPACT Certificates can only be issued by those Certification Bodies whose Auditors have undergone a rigorous assessment process in order to be qualified and registered. Such Auditors have completed the formal EXCiPACT Auditor two-day Training Course, have passed the end-of- course exam and have been successfully witnessed during an actual EXCiPACT audit to verify their competence.

An auditor’s Certificate of Registration as an EXCiPACT Auditor will be issued for a period of 3 years.  At the end of every 3 year period, the auditor needs to apply for re-registration, when the Auditor should show Continuing Professional Development (CPD), as well as proof of further audit experience.

If you are interested in becoming an EXCiPACT Registered Auditor, please refer to the EXCiPACT Auditor Registration Scheme document. Then complete the Application Form and send it by e-mail to together with your Curriculum Vitae, copy of IRCA Registration and Certificate or copy of your Audit Log.

List of EXCiPACT Registered Auditors


Name Register Number Country Affiliation Qualified Since
Stefan Kettelhoit E0002 Germany mdc (blue inspection) May 2013
Norbert Waldöfner E0003 Germany mdc (blue inspection) May 2013
Rod Combs E0004 Germany mdc (blue inspection) June 2013
TS Shadagopan E0009 India SGS June 2013
Dietmar Barth E0011 Germany SGS June 2013
Stefano Cevenini E0012 Italy Certiquality January 2017
Herbert Nagorski E0014 Germany DQS March 2015
Bart Cole E0019 Belgium SGS June 2015
Leon Li E0022 China Bureau Veritas Certification China August 2015
Sophie Moreau E0024 Belgium SGS October 2015
Michael Snella E0025 Germany AJA January 2015
Liren (Irene) Wang E0027 China Bureau Veritas Certification China January 2016
Véronique Balon E0028 France SGS June 2016
Laura Moreno Baron E0033 Spain AENOR May 2016
Josep Maria Hilario Sanz E0034 Spain AENOR September 2017
Raúl Blanco Bazaco E0036 Spain AENOR July 2016
Beate Heidrich E0037 Germany blue inspection December 2016
Martin J. Webster E0038 USA SGS July 2016
Alva Peng E0039 China SGS April 2018
Onnie Huang E0041 China SGS October 2016
Takashi Ohara E0043 Japan SGS March 2017
André Gadow E0044 Switzerland SGS March 2017
Martine Vincent E0048 France SGS September 2018