The Certification Scheme can only be undertaken by a Registered EXCiPACT Certification Body employing a Registered EXCiPACT Auditor. The following steps summarise how to become a Registered EXCiPACT Auditor.

Step 1

Review the compulsory Auditor Registration requirements set out in the following two documents:

Step 2

Application Process

Step 3

Application Process

  • Undertake an EXCiPACT witnessed audit via ERCB
  • ERCB sends witness report to EXCiPACT for approval
  • EXCiPACT approves the witness report & confirms EXCiPACT Registered Auditor (ERA) status
  • EXCiPACT adds name to the Registered Auditors list on their public website for 3-years.

Step 4

Re-registration in Year 3:

  • Complete an updated Application Form & send to ERCB for approval & submission to EXCiPACT
  • EXCiPACT confirms to your ERCB your reregistration for the next 3 years & retains your name on the Registered Auditors list for the next 3 years.

EXCiPACT Certificates can only be issued by those Certification Bodies whose Auditors have undergone a rigorous assessment process in order to be qualified and registered. Such Auditors have completed the formal EXCiPACT Auditor two-day Training Course, have passed the end-of-course exam and have been successfully witnessed during an actual EXCiPACT audit to verify their competence.

An auditor’s Certificate of Registration as an EXCiPACT Auditor will be issued for a period of 3 years.  At the end of every 3 year period, the auditor needs to apply for re-registration, when the Auditor should show Continuing Professional Development (CPD), as well as proof of further audit experience.

EXCiPACT does not release the auditors CV or personal information, for more information; please follow this link to the Auditor Registration Process Guide

List of EXCiPACT Registered Auditors


Name Register Number Country Affiliation Qualified Since Validation Status
TS Shadagopan E0009 India SGS 31 May 2013 Approved
Dietmar Barth E0011 Germany SGS 13 May 2013 Approved
Herbert Nagorski E0014 Germany DQS GmbH 9 Mar 2015 Approved
Yi - Leon Li E0022 China Bureau Veritas 10 Aug 2015 Approved
Michael Snella E0025 Germany AJA (Global) 15 Jan 2016 Approved
Liren - Irene Wang E0027 China Bureau Veritas 28 Jan 2016 Approved
Veronique Balon E0028 France SGS 20 Jun 2016 Approved
Laura Moreno Baron E0033 Spain AENOR 10 May 2016 Approved
Josep Maria Hilario Sanz E0034 Spain AENOR 22 Sep 2017 Approved
Jose Vicente Garcia Guaita E0035 Spain AENOR 21 Mar 2016 Approved
Martin J. Webster E0038 USA SGS 7 Jul 2016 Approved
Alva Peng E0039 China SGS 19 Apr 2018 Approved
Onnie Huang E0041 China SGS 21 Oct 2022 Approved
André Gadow E0044 Switzerland SGS 9 Mar 2017 Approved
Martine Vincent E0048 France SGS 21 Sep 2018 Approved
Sara Niu E0050 China SGS 26 Jul 2019 Approved
Shridhar Rajpurohit E0052 India SGS 9 Jan 2019 Approved
Sophie Vincenot E0054 Germany blue inspection body 1 Jan 2022 Approved
Anja Buchheiser E0056 Germany blue inspection body 16 Sep 2020 Approved
Alessandro Sassi E0057 Italy Certiquality 7 Aug 2019 Approved
Hitesh Shah E0058 Canada SGS 19 Jul 2019 Approved
Rudolf Beisswenger E0059 Germany DQS GmbH 15 May 2019 Approved
Phil Irwin E0062 United Kingdom SGS 13 Jan 2020 Approved
Jon Gawlak E0064 USA SGS 18 Jan 2021 Approved
Giel-Jan Sterken E0065 Belgium SGS 20 May 2021 Approved
David Gordon E0067 USA SGS 25 Oct 2021 Approved
Joseph Hurtig E0068 USA SGS 1 Jul 2022 Approved
Marianne Kroner E0069 Germany DQS GmbH 17 May 2023 Approved
Anne Wauquier E0071 France SGS 30 Oct 2023 Approved
Vincen Zhang E0072 China Bureau Veritas 30 Jan 2023 Approved
Amandine Berton E0073 Belgium SGS 24 Jun 2023 Approved
Gerrie Fransen E0074 The Netherlands SGS 17 Aug 2023 Approved
Lori Meinecke E0076 USA SGS 26 Jun 2023 Approved