General Assembly Members

FECC, IPEC-Americas, IPEC-China, IPEC Europe, PQG, SPPEA who have full and equal voting rights at formal meetings of members. Other individuals and organisations who have experience of and interest in pharmaceutical excipients may be considered for Associate membership. Associate members have no voting rights at formal meetings of members.

Board Members

President Dr Iain Moore, Croda representing IPEC Europe
Vice-President Mr David Klug, Sanofi, representing IPEC-Americas
Board Member Ms Bree Wang, Merck Group, representing IPEC China



Quality Manager Mr Alain Becart, Consultant
Senior Adviser Mr Tony Scott, Consultant
Administrative Coordinator Ms Joanne Blondiau, EXCiPACT Secretariat

Meet The Board

Iain Moore, President

Iain is Global Head of Quality Assurance Croda Europe Ltd, a manufacturer of speciality and performance chemicals based in the United Kingdom.

He has worked for Croda for 34 years, and for more than 25 years in various quality roles, including overseeing two UK regulatory inspections.  He has contributed to the publication of European and US National Standards as well as many IPEC Guides. He was project leader for the development and delivery of the EXCiPACT Certification Scheme, and stood as its first President, and has latterly returned to the Board as the new President and Chairman of the Board succeeding Kevin McGlue who held the role since 2016 .

He is also  chair of the EFFCI (European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients) GMP Committee which oversees the EFfCI GMP Guide and standard for cosmetic Ingredients.

David Klug, Vice President

David is Industrial Regulatory Compliance Manager at Sanofi.

He is an Officer and Past Chair of IPEC-Americas. He also served on the Global Steering Committee and GMP Annex Team that developed the EXCiPACT Certification Standards for Pharmaceutical Excipient Suppliers and presently serves as Vice-President of the EXCiPACT Management Body.  David is an industry representative on the NSF Joint Committee for Pharmaceutical Excipients that developed NSF/IPEC/ANSI 363 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Pharmaceutical Excipients. He has participated in the development of IPEC Guides published since 2001.

Formerly employed by Mallinckrodt, David holds an M.S. degree in Chemistry from the University of Missouri - Columbia.

Bree Wang, Board Member

Bree is Regulatory Management Expert at Merck based in China, focus on API, excipient and food additive related regulatory topics.

After holding a Master degree in Chemistry from Nanjing University of Science & Technology in 2009, she started her career for regulatory topics, including oversea API registration, domestic excipient registration, regulatory advocacy, customer audit etc.  and close cooperation with quality department for GMP/regulatory compliance topics. She is also a member of IPEC-China, serving in Quality sub-committee to deliver Excipient Good Manufacturing Practices principles to Chinese excipient industry.

Meet The Operations Team

Alain Becart, Quality Manager

Alain has a Doctorate in Industrial Pharmacy and a Masters degree in Analytical Chemistry and Quality Control. He started his career as Head of Quality Control in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with the French offices of Ethypharm and Boehringer Ingelheim. In 1995, he joined Rhone Poulenc Rorer (a Sanofi legacy company) in their R&D – Analytical Sciences department with responsibility for clinical batches analysis and stability testing.

In 2005, he became responsible for Suppliers Quality Management worldwide within the Industrial Quality & Compliance corporate department Sanofi-Aventis, where he built a global system to manage the quality of third parties, including audits of manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical starting materials. He retired in October 2017 as Director Quality of Third Parties in SANOFI Global Quality based in Paris.

Since 2010, Alain has been President of the Pharmaceutical Starting Material Forum within the Quality Group of the LEEM - the professional organisation of pharmaceutical companies operating in France. In January, 2017, he became the Quality Manager of EXCiPACT asbl with responsibility for the approval of their Registered Certification Bodies and Registered Auditors, and for ensuring compliance of EXCiPACT certification actions with regards to ISO 19011 and ISO 17021 standards.

Tony Scott, Senior Adviser

Tony graduated in organic chemistry in 1965 and joined Plant Protection Ltd (PPL) as a research chemist. PPL is a legacy company of ICI Agrochemicals/Zeneca Agrochemicals/Syngenta. In 1969, he joined the R&D Directorate of Chemical Abstracts Services in Ohio re-joining ICI Agrochemicals in R&D as Senior Information Officer in 1971. He moved from R&D in 1974 into a series of increasingly responsible commercial roles in the UK and overseas, before joining the British Government in 1994 as Export Promoter for N. America.

In 1995, Tony became a Director of the UK Chemical Industries Association until 2004, when he started his own consultancy business in life sciences. His first assignment was to create and develop the Brussels-based European Fine Chemicals Group (EFCG) within CEFIC. In 2008, EFCG and IPEC Europe signed an agreement to co-develop an excipients certification project that culminated with the creation of EXCiPACT asbl in 2014. Tony had joined the project team in 2008, increasing his involvement when his EFCG assignment culminated in 2015. He is presently a Senior Adviser in the Operations Team.


Under the Articles of the Association, full Membership of EXCiPACT asbl can only be granted to trade associations or similar organisations that represent groups of organisations who have an interest in manufacturing, distributing or using pharmaceutical excipients, and Competent Authorities responsible for upholding safety and quality standards for excipients. All those interested in becoming a member should contact the EXCiPACT Secretariat at info@excipact.org or complete our contact form in the first instance.

Quality Policy

The EXCiPACT Association is committed to achieving excellence and providing our entire community supply chain with a set of high-quality services designed, produced, and maintained to meet or exceed their expectations.  You can read about our Quality Policy here.

Corporate Governance

EXCiPACT asbl is a Belgian not-for-profit association following the rules set by the Articles of Association. To support the values and related perceptions of our industry, it is essential that EXCiPACT asbl not only complies with statutory provisions and legal requirements regarding the essential features of the association (e.g. conduct of non-profit activities, fulfilment of the financial / taxes obligations), but also operates to the highest level of ethical standards. Our Governance and Compliance Policy reflects this.

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