SEPPIC (Shanghai) Chemical Specialities Co., Ltd

Certification Body: SGS
Site Location: Shanghai, China
Site Address: N°59 Lane, 1098 Shengli Road, QingPu Industry Zone, Shanghai 201700, PR China
Scope: GMP
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Manufacturing of veterinary vaccine adjuvants for use as pharmaceutical excipients: MONTANIDE™ products range.

Issue Date: 24 July, 2019
Expiry Date: 23 July, 2022
Registration Number: CN16/21698
Certified Since: 22 November, 2016


Certification Body: SGS
Site Location: Castres, France
Site Address: 127 Chemin de la Poudrerie, 81105 Castres Cedex, France
Scope: GMP
Full Certification Details

Research, development, manufacturing, sale and delivery of pharmaceutical excipients i.e.

  • Solid coating-SEPIFILM™
  • Solid and liquid coating-SEPISPERSE™
  • Tableting agent-SEPISTAB™
  • Solubilizing agent-SEPITRAP™
  • Polymer-SEPINEO™
  • Sorbitan esters-MONTANE PHA PREMIUM™
  • Ethoxylated emulsifiers-MONTANOX PHA PREMIUM™
  • Oily based veterinary vaccine adjuvant-MONTANIDE™ISA
  • Water based veterinary vaccine adjuvant-MONTANIDE™IMS

Issue Date: 04 September, 2018
Expiry Date: 03 September, 2021
Registration Number: FR16/81842387
Certified Since: 22 November, 2013
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