Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company (A SABIC affiliate)

Certification Body: SGS
Site Location: Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Site Address: PO Box 10302, Jubail Industrial City, Jubail 3196, Saudi Arabia
Scope: GDP, GMP
Full Certification Details

Manufacturing, storage and supply of Ethanolamines (Mono-, Di-, Triethanolamine), Ethoxylate (PEG-600/SAPEG-600), and natural detergent alcohols (glycerin pharma grade, fatty alcohol C12-C14/SABICOL 1214, Fatty Alcohol C16-C18/SABICOL 1618) to be used as excipients for pharmaceutical finished products.

Issue Date: 09 November, 2016
Expiry Date: 25 August, 2019
Registration Number: FR13/018279
Certified Since: 26 August, 2013