Certification Body: SGS
Site Location: Lestrem, France
Site Address: 1 rue de la Haute Loge, 62136 Lestrem, France
Scope: GMP
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Production and storage of excipients made from amylaceous substances:

• Native starches (Maize and wheat / B grade)
• Pregelatinized starches (Product line LYCATAB®)
• Modified starches (Product line GLYCOLYS®)
• Monohydrate and anhydrous Glucoses
• Sorbitol powders (Product line NEOSORB® P xx and XTAB xx)
• Sorbitol solutions (Product line NEOSORB® 70/xx and POLYSORB® 85/70/00)
• Maltitol powders (Product line SWEETPEARL®)
• Maltitol solutions (LYCASIN® 80/55, LYCASIN® 75/75 and POLYSORB® 75/55)
• Mannitol powders (Product line PEARLITOL®) and PEARLITOL FLASH®
• Xylitol powders (Product line XYLISORB®)
• Betacyclodextrine (Product line KLEPTOSE®)

Issue Date: 24 December, 2021
Expiry Date: 23 December, 2024
Registration Number: FR15/81841993
Certified Since: 24 December, 2015