Merck KGaA

Certification Body: blue inspection body
Site Location: Darmstadt, Germany
Site Address: Frankfurter Strasse 250, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany
Scope: GDP, GMP
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Sourcing, manufacturing, testing, packaging, storage, distribution and release for products of “EMPROVE®exp”, “EMPROVE®bio”, “EMPROVE®ESSENTIAL” and “EMPROVE®EXPERT” lines such as organic and inorganic salts, organic and inorganic acids and bases, solvents and aqueous solutions.

Issue Date: 17 June, 2019
Expiry Date: 17 June, 2022
Registration Number: E-ME-18887-2019-01
Certified Since: 25 June, 2013
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Merck Life Science Technologies (Nantong) Co., Ltd.

Certification Body: Bureau Veritas
Site Location: Nantong, Jiangsu, PR China
Site Address: No. 39 Jianggang Road, Nantong Economic & Technological Development Area, Jiangsu, PR China
Scope: GMP
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Manufacture of inorganic salts (ammonium sulfate, sodium acetate trihydrate, tri-sodium citrate dihydrate) used in
pharmaceuticals as excipients.

Issue Date: 30 June, 2020
Expiry Date: 29 June, 2023
Registration Number: CNSH7682741
Certified Since: 30 June, 2020