Grace GmbH

Certification Body: DQS GmbH
Site Location: Worms, Germany
Site Address: In der Hollerhecke 1, 67547 Worms, Germany
Scope: GDP, GMP
Full Certification Details

Manufacture of synthetic amorphous micronized silica gel brand group Syloid FP® and  synthetic amorphous silica gel brand groups Syloid XDP® and SilSol™ as excipients for pharmaceuticals.

Issue Date: 24 April, 2024
Expiry Date: 23 April, 2027
Registration Number: 415602 EXCI
Certified Since: 16 April, 2015

W. R. Grace & Co.

Certification Body: SGS
Site Location: Baltimore, MD, USA
Site Address: 5500 Chemical Road, Baltimore, MD 21226, Maryland, USA
Scope: GMP
Full Certification Details

Manufacture of silicon dioxide for use as pharmaceutical excipients.

Issue Date: 04 November, 2023
Expiry Date: 03 November, 2026
Registration Number: US20/819944070
Certified Since: 04 November, 2020
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