Capsugel Belgium NV

Certification Body: SGS, BE
Site Location: Bornem, Belgium
Site Address: Rijksweg 11, 2880 Bornem, Belgium
Scope: GDP, GMP
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The manufacture and distribution of printed and non-printed gelatin capsules for pharmaceutical use.  The distribution of all capsule types for pharmaceutical use from different capsugel sites.

Issue Date: 25 July, 2017
Expiry Date: 24 July, 2020
Registration Number: FR14/18889
Certified Since: 25 July, 2014
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Capsugel France SAS

Certification Body: SGS, FR
Site Location: Colmar, France
Site Address: 10, rue Timken, 68027 Colmar Cedex, France
Scope: GMP
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Manufacturing of printed & unprinted empty hard capsules for pharmaceutical use

Issue Date: 24 September, 2017
Expiry Date: 23 September, 2020
Registration Number: FR14/18975
Certified Since: 24 September, 2014
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