The Board of Directors are responsible for the management of the  EXCiPACT organisation. They are accountable to the members of the association who meet at least once a year at the General Assembly. In between times the Board provides at least quarterly reports to the members with an opportunity for a Q&A session afterwards.  The members of the Board are appointed by the General Assembly.

The members consists of a representatives of 4 of the 5 founding project consortium associations – FECC, IPEC-Europe, IPEC-Americas and PQG. The primary role of the GA is to provide strategic direction, and hold the Board accountable for the running and development of the Scheme.

The Board consists of the President, Vice President, and Treasurer. The Board has co-opted an individual who acts as the Association’s Quality Manager and another as Head of Marketing.

Public Summary of First General Assembly meeting of EXCiPACT Association

Public Summary of Second General Assembly meeting of EXCiPACT Association

How to become a member of EXCiPACT asbl

Under the Articles of the Association, full Membership of EXCiPACT asbl can only be granted to trade associations or similar organisations that represent groups of organisations who have an interest in manufacturing, distributing or using pharmaceutical excipients, and Competent Authorities responsible for upholding safety and quality standards for excipients.

Present full members are IPEC Europe, IPEC-Americas, IPEC China, Pharmaceutical Quality Group of the UK, and the European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc). They have full and equal voting rights at formal meetings of members.

Other individuals and organisations who have experience of and interest in pharmaceutical excipients may be considered for Associate membership. Associate members have no voting rights at formal meetings of members. All those interested in becoming a member should contact the EXCiPACT Secretariat at info[at] in the first instance.